Parenting Resource – Reading at Home

It is often said that parents are a child’s first teacher – and it’s true!  Parents are in the ideal position to start supporting positive habits and skills in their children, and that includes introducing them to the act of reading.  Reading to children during the early years of childhood has shown to be beneficial because it not only helps them to build essential language and social skills, but it also enhances the parent-child relationship and supports positive communication within the family.

Curious to know how you can introduce reading to your child?  Have you already started, but feel a little stuck?

Here are two great resources to help jump-start your reading routine!

Reading Tips Sheets:

These sheets are housed on the bilingual “Colorin’ Colorado” website, which provides numerous articles, links, and resources for helping children to read and succeed in school and beyond!

Recommended Books:

Sometimes, it takes just one great book to ignite a child’s passion for reading.  This wonderful resource, compiled by the “Reading Rockets” website, features dozens of book lists that tap into a range of interest areas.  Be sure to take a look – you may just find your child’s new favorite book!

Happy Reading!


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