Parenting Resource – Fostering Creativity

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”  – Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

One of the things I love about Dr. Seuss is that he consistently encourages children to express themselves and be creative.  Through his zany illustrations and quirky stories, he draws young readers into a world where trees talk, eggs are green, and cats wear hats.  Dr. Seuss saw writing as his creative outlet, his canvas upon which to showcase his ideas and thoughts.  And, while some may have called his ideas outlandish or crazy, he stayed true to his vision and wrote books that subsequently touched the lives of millions.

Like Dr. Seuss, it is our job as parents to also inspire creativity and self-expression in our children.  Research tells us that there are few things more fulfilling for a child than to be able to express ideas freely and delight in the process of creation and exploration.  Through creative activities, children are able to express and cope with feelings, try out new ideas, and problem solve.  They are also able to celebrate their uniqueness and “own” the activities in which they are engaged.  The mental and emotional benefits of creative expression are numerous, and during the years of childhood, they are perhaps even more magnified.

That said, parents are in a prime position to foster self-expression at home by providing opportunities for creative exploration.  Curious to know how?

Check out this link from PBS!  It is a segment of their “Whole Child” series, which focuses on child development, parenting education, and  the like.  This particular webpage provides simple, yet specific information on ways parents can inspire creative thinking at home.  It also offers insight into the specifics of why creative activities are so important to child development.

Take a look – and be sure to browse the other links as well!  Enjoy!

“Fostering Creativity” Link via


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