Curriculum Snapshot – Nurturing Parenting

Nurturing Parenting is an evidence-based program that aims to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect for all families by helping parents to learn positive parenting skills and behaviors.  The model has demonstrated an effect on protective and risk factors, including an increase in positive parenting attitudes and behaviors, parental empathy, and knowledge of child development, as well as a reduction in harsh and excessive discipline and parent-child role reversal.

During the 2015-16 school year, Youth Contact will offer two (2) Nurturing Parenting programs using the “ABCs for Parents and Their Children Ages 5-8” curriculum.  Each series will span seven (7) weeks in length, and provide separate classes that meet concurrently for parents and their children.  Topics covered in the parent program include:

  • Positive discipline
  • Ways to support children in school
  • Effective communication
  • Strategies to help children express their feelings
  • Ways to promote positive self-worth and personal power

In the children’s group, young learners acquire comparable skills at age-appropriate levels through puppets, role-play, music, art activities and leader-led discussions.

This is a great short-term series for parents and children to learn and grow together!  Stay tuned for information on future class offerings and how you can get registered for a program!


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